Saturday, October 16, 2010

This one was written on Navami

To honor the promise i made to myself that i will keep this blog updated, sharing a few more thoughts..

Went to Ramakrishna mission for the second Durga Pooja i have ever seen in this life, watched it in more detail and it seriously made me happy. The other thing that usually makes me happy is the delicious Khichdi thats served as a prasad there, but kinda sad to see well fed mumbaikars acting like bhukkad haurats in the queue; foregoing all basic tenets of discipline and civic sense.

ICICI direct waala banda aaya, gave a brief demo of their website, pretty good one in my opinion, bro and dad both liked it a lot. We all were indirectly cursing ICICI while he was here, but its good that he took it in the right spirit.

Now gonna go for a long pending bday treat from my side, good that its a joint one...saali mehengaai hum kanjoos logon ko hairaan karti hai na..:P Hope is rookhi zindagi mein thoda maja le aaya aaj ki shaam.

Theek hai, the brains out so no more words...:)

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