Sunday, October 10, 2010


{Heres a poem i wrote around 2 years ago. It describes a state that is a recurring one for me.}

Could you give me the answers I seek?
Answers to all the questions which seem answered
but still not.
A confusion vehemently tearing my being apart
and forcing me to depart
from this sane World of reasoning.

They say keep it simple
and there you will be living a happy life.
But it is just a daily strife
between what needs to be done and what happens,
what we want and what we get,
what is right and what is wrong.
Oh my! The confusion seems so consuming...

Why is it that peace cannot be found
when the whole World resounds
that it is inside?
I don’t know what is outside
Don’t know even if I will have the time to think about
my inside
so filled with filth, and corrupted to the hilt.
I don’t want to see my real self.
I fear sinking more
in the quicksand , my confusion already proves to be.

Is it so difficult for life to be on track?
Is it so impossible for simplicity to be back,
from the recesses of our personalities?

Maybe being simple is the only way
as this is what my heart says
I will listen to it this time
'coz it won’t tell it to me again
'coz it is not the clock which will chime.

The words above fill me with hope.
I see a ray of light
and in that I see His Face
smiling at me
Be yourself
be good
be simple
and do what needs to be done will be all right.

I know He's true
'coz He’s the only one who can be trusted
and trust needs to exist
else life is just wandering through the mist
without security, without a reason, and without anything worthwhile

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