Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know that i need to write...:)

Such a long time and so much has changed now...the sweetheart has dumped me and i have been thro hell to reach heaven...just that i am closer to it now but not there yet...yet now it feels that i am so far from it...thanks to the realisations i have about my Self and my limitations.

Was feeling really down frnd whom i considered ma best calls a meeting of coll folks and doesnt even inform me...the other due to her crappy ego problems doesnt even talk hell with the world...the anger i had for these crappy kids was jus blowing and i started hating a lot invented an exercise....close your eyes and think about people you may hate. The aim is to cover all these people. When you realise you do hate them, thrash them in your mind, kick them, punch them...and quickly move really helped...but i guess i need to find a better way since hatred will never do good to me.

Wanted to buy a guitar finally, but couldnt,,,,decided ke will buy off ma bros baby that i have taken more care of than he has....visited Swami Samarth;s math...felt really good...made good pasta and abhi mummy moolee ke paranthe khila rahin hain...

Wrote all this coz Paulo says writing is important and i know that too...i will write more often...:)


Rams said...

Abey time nahi mila mujhe care karne... but planning to get an electric 'baby' this time :P

Samurai Says..... said...

Haha...good that u read this one...khud ke liye likha tha actually...dont blame u for that man...what i meant is ke bhale aapne laaya but maine itna care le liya ki woh mujhe apna hi lagne lagaa...:)

Dont plan...get it...bahut planning karte ho aap...:)