Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Double standards

Feels great, doesn't it
Knowing you can elicit smiles from a pretty face
And if a not so pretty one tries to talk
You say, 'shes trying to catch my attention!!'

When men try to make some girl smile, the basic fundamental is they feel the female is attractive. The more attractive she is, the more attention she gets. Probably she is naive to think that she is great coz of her looks. Little does she know, or for that matter, the men realise that the efforts are basically for satisfaction of the their own ego selves.  A man feels that if he is capable of making such a female blush and smile, he is worthy enough.

And when a not so attractive female, as per the man's estimate, tries to even talk to him - the reaction is different. Firstly, men don't try to make such species laugh. And that is because having judged someone as not attractive, you are already creating a mental impression that you are better than that person (in whatever sense it is) and hence you have no interest of any sort there. And in such instances, instead, the mental picture is that the not so attractive female is trying to impress you or catch your attention.

What a case of double standards our society has created, by attaching too much importance to how people look and dress...:)

Guilty of this crime,

Yours truly


Raja Biswas said...

What data is this observation based upon? How do you 'generalize' something subjective like this? Or is it your own world view? in that case, what makes you accuse other men? ..are these judgments? ..or are these reflections of your own behavioral pattern?

Elaborate please

Shrinath Shenoy said...

Dear sir,

Thanks for the comments...made me think...:)

The observations are my own and the conclusions are based on my deductions alone.

Yes, it does sound like generalising. I believe its hard to do that, since there are so many kinds of men in this world. But there are men in this world who do fit the description, atleast i believe so. I also do fit in there.

Your use of words like accuse is out of place. My opinions are a way of improving my world view, and of those with whom these thoughts resonate. They do resonate with some, I am sure:)

And i do not say that my opinion is completely correct. If it is not it will get corrected in the future. I am open to that.

Note: I am not a feminist. I simply believe the human race needs to improve, starting with myself.

snehal joshi said...

Has happened .. can totally relate from both sides :-)