Thursday, June 5, 2014

Absolute Nonsense - Push or Pull

{Series of posts churned out from the depths of my creativity, and impulses of madness}

Women generally push a door, which indicates that it should be pulled, and they say its part of being a woman. Observed one such woman today and thought of an imaginary conversation between us.

I: Ma'am, you just pushed a door, which is indicated to be pulled.

Lady(L): See, the door moved, so there should be no problem!

I: Ohh! There is a problem ma'am - why do you think they indicate how a door needs to be moved? 

You see when you enter a premise, you will push the door, because you can see who is in front of you. If you pull at this point, there are chances that someone behind you may be injured. (they do damp this with a carpet these days)

When you leave a premise, you will always pull the door, to keep the door moving in the same direction as before. This way the door hinges can stay fine for long.

I know its complicated, but no need to think so much. Just see whats written near the door handle and follow.. (so simple...:P)

L: Excuse me, if you mean to say that we can push only when we enter a premise, then think that I am entering 'outside' and your problem will be solved!

I: Ahh, good one there madam! But there is a clause you fail to understand - the door belongs to the shop! Hence even though you are entering 'outside', it is not the premise to which the said door belongs to. Hence you should follow the rules, based on the premise to whom the door belongs...

L: Arghh!

Ps. Dedicated to all the ladies who care to read this...:P


snehal joshi said...

This is probably because women are overthinker species :-P
While entering they might be interpreting 1000 possible meanings if what husband/boyfriend had said the day before Yest. Who cares about the damn door anyways ;)

Shrinath Shenoy said...