Saturday, December 6, 2014

A logical statement - might sound illogical!

Yesterday morning, I somehow got this logical statement in my dream state, and i started proving it there.

Thankfully, i was at a transition sleep phase, and felt i should record it. Recorded the same on my phone. Jotted down the ideas..

Logical Statement -

I have erred
My mind tells I haven't erred
Hence I have not erred

Prove whether this is true or false


Based on the root of the statement I have erred based on some universal idea. This itself is a proof unto itself.

But people basically do things dictated by their mind every time, hence the following will also need consideration;

Case 1 - Mind and conscience say different things

My mind tells me i havent erred. But my conscience being the moral compass will definitely tell me i have (since it is already proved by the previous statement). Hence i have erred.

Case 2 - The conscience is silent

Now it could be a case when my conscience hasn't said anything around this situation. This is more a proven case that i have erred because right or wrong is decided by conscience and if the conscience hasn't said anything, it is absent or has been successfully silenced. Such a human being has no compass for right or wrong.

For the mind, the definition of right and wrong is personal and situational.

Hence, i have erred. 

Ps. It's about keeping the universal law above the personal law. And I declare i have written all of this when i was in my senses. Now try to make sense of all of this...:P

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