Monday, November 29, 2010

The one dream i remember....and its weirrd

Had thoughts of maintaining a dream journal to analyse the ones i get...getting a lot these days..and usually they do give me a deja vu situation in the future...documented this one...and sharing it now

As usual, it will be nonsensical at times, like all the dreams i have. Eventually i felt that all the locations seen in the dream are actually correspond to a real location in Bengal. Seems i have seen it earlier in a dream ( )

I am walking in the society ground in the morning, I have to go to the office. There is this drunk man being helped by his wife and kid. I take the load of the man so that I can help them take him home. Walking, we come to a small temple where we pray and the lady hands over to me her baby (the husband becomes the baby) and then myself with the baby, and the husband(??) are walking towards some place. We are joined by their elder son (or relative but hes a small chubby boy) and we keep walking). I had set off thinkin that I have to make this man reach his home which would be done in time, but now we are set off to some distant location, yet I feel we will make it in time. We walk through a very big bridge that is in good condition but desolate, the time is morning (as per the start) but it looks like evening. Then we come across a sudden elevation in the ground, like a hill made of earth. The man and the boy climb. I realize I have come to some place really far off, so I say I have to get going and I hand over the baby to the man. It begins to rain heavily and I feel bad for the man, donno if they died, but I move and come to a town, where a boy helps me to his really nice place. Never seen the boy but he was kinda handsome. He’s on the fone. I see there is catering services equipment in his place. I see the well furnished living room, which suits a town situation. Suddenly I take his leave and keep walking. Ask someone for way to the ‘place where I came from’ and I am informed there is something called Vijay Bawali (kind of a long narrow path that made perfect sense then) I walk and I see its desolate, but well made in British style. There I encounter something very scary….End of dream.

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