Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ordeal is finally over.

I am very relieved to be writing this blog; more for I am delighted to be with my computer again after a long time.

My computer suffered a temporary RIP session when its power supply unit (PSU) fused about a week ago. Something inside guided me to simply open the CPU and finally try to get my hands dirty, for this had always been a quite delayed exercise. Not that my computer had died such deaths earlier (this was the first time), but being an engineer I consider such elementary know-how as a prerequisite.

When I realised that I needed a new PSU after a solid display of fireworks at ma place, i marched on to finding the right one for my PC. Even after 2-3 salvos, my computer lay lifeless; it simply never booted. So tried doing what i should have had done quite earlier -- took it to the dude who had assembled the computer for me, a good 3 years ago. Here too, disappointment stared me shamelessly on face.

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