Saturday, August 2, 2008

As usual....idhar bhi late!!

Its quite right that writing is among the most relaxing exercises one can do. Blogging was always on my mind. But just as life has been for me, happening than being made to happen, finally i am here to supposedly share with you a part of my life.

Although, it can be said that technology has made life easier, eg. the email, the fact remains that all the inner secrets cannot be shared openly. So a web log can never take the place of a diary. A blog is an ideal tool for people like me who don't believe in maintaining a written record, so our secrets go either out of our memory, or to the grave ( maybe to the crematorium if you are a am I).

Hopefully i will get hooked to this activity; at least my typing skills will see much needed improvement. Hopefully, i will be able to contribute some worthwhile reading material for all you who love to read blogs. As of now, its the beginning of ma journey, so am sorry theres nothin much to offer.

Take Care.

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