Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The long day.

The NSS council for this academic year is finally a reality. Am happy that they are more aware than me and my team were at the beginning of the year, thanks to Sir and myself. Radio Mirchi had come to college to select a Rj from among us techies; donno what prompted them to try their luck with people who are used to logical thinking, and arent spontaneous (atleast not on the stage and not for all situations).

The rains are a blessing and a curse; make ur day hell when u are out of ur home, but are a welcome change to the conjesting heat Mumbaikars are feeling these days.

Replaced the PC-HUB ethernet cable with a PC-PC one, for Shan intends to connect his PC and Laptop. Lookin forward to that mini project of his.

Late in the night; mom shouting at me for becoming a late night net enthisiast; so signing off.

Take care.

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