Saturday, March 22, 2014

The love of parents...:)

{I havent blogged for a long time and feel its better i share small snippets of my ideas. I feel this will help me finally get back to writing good, long posts.}

The love that you feel for your parents is the most purest form of love you will ever experience in this life, i.e if you love them at all and are fortunate to get amazing parents like i have. As a kid i could never think i could love my father, but then a father's love is of a different kind. They say you will understand a father's love when u become one, but i am glad i am able to understand it now itself. Mothers are generally always loved by their kids, specially when they have a sweet mommy like i have...:) 

Whenever u feel down in life, and think its worthless and the worst; feel like ending it, think that was this the reason why those two lovely people brought you into the world and went through around 20 years of hardwork and sacrifice to make you a person able to support him/herself? They made you so that you could be happy, as much as you were when you were a babe. Being happy in this life is very important for that is the sole reason they brought you here. You are an outcome of their love...

I feel immense gratitude towards my parents and love them a lot, more than when i used to as a child. It was taken for granted in those days but now i know, the love for your parents is the greatest strength one can have in this World.

Love you Aanna and Amma...:)

On the day of dad's 60th birthday shanti. (L-R) myself, mom, sis, dad and bro...:)

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Usha. said...

Yes, the enormous gratitude that comes when we realize the fact that we are living under their constant love and protection, especially when we hit a rough patch-that keeps us going!
Well said! Keep on putting up more posts..which remind us to acknowledge and celebrate the important things in life.