Friday, October 14, 2011

Redesigning the blog and the few other important things

I guess for the first time in my life i feel proud to have made something which can be called as a piece of art - the new layout of my blog. More pleasing to the eyes and going more well with my lone, warrior, ocean deep theme of the samurai.

What days i am going roomie is away to attend his marriage (which is tomorrow) and it feels i have lost all my will to cook food. We used to cook it and eat it together. It seems meals with rice always require company, just like how boozing is usually not practiced solo.

The dreams these days are really graphic, clear, and i have put a habit of recording as much as i remember. The trick is to be a lil sleepy all that while you are readying the pen and paper, so that you dont lose link. Very weird things i see; on some bridge in pune with my project mate watching some film shooting; my cousin, my mother, some people from office, cute gals, porn freaks, bottles of alchohol, burnt corpses, danda gangs(people who want to make the society better by thrashing people with danda's) etc.

Was very disturbed after reading a post on Paulo Coelho's blog on Child abuse. Read a number of stories from the followers, watched a couple of videos and realised that heaven and hell both are here on the terra firma. The absence of God from our lives, materialism, enjoyment etc. makes monsters out of us. In India, we are saved by the punya of millions of our ancestors and saints who are still meditating for our good. But for other unfortunate souls, its veritable pit of fire.

Thoughts float in this mind of mine
From a long long time
My sis has always said, dear bro
Write down the things u say so well
And i, the lazy bloke always procrastinating
Though here is this blog where a rare entry comes
From the confusing mirage, this life of mine
Which is a story as intersting as anyone elses
Wanting to be recorded,
And my thoughts wanting to enlighten me
And help me be better
And then make my World better than now
Ah my thoughts, i shall try my best
To give you justice
Whatever it takes, a few of you
Shall always find the right place.

Samapt! Jai Hind. Hari Om.

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