Saturday, October 15, 2011

Melody, Majaa, Mayhem and Madness - Mehfil - E - Unplugged

When i had met him for the first time after getting kicked out of Infy SuperSinger, he suggested we should jam in Infy Pune, phase 2. In a matter of a few months, this brainchild of our very own Nishant "Nana" Trisal, was flagged off in a most memorable session. Yes, Mehfil-E-Unplugged made its entry into the lives of work-worn Infoscions, to bring back a little zing into our lives.

The idea was to provide a setting for Punfoscions to relax and have a nice time before winding up for the weekend. With Mr. Trisal on the guitar and a few of us talented singers from Abhivyakti and the audience, we managed to pull off some really memorable renditions of songs - old and new, serious, funny and inspiring. We also ended up learning from our very own Sunder Balakrishnan that a bollywood/pop based jamming can be made better when a talented violinist like him is in company...:)

At times, the same old songs and the same patterns repeated, and to break them, Mitesh "Jhabar" Sharma and Rohit "Jageera" Dube brought in precious examples of their peculiar sense of humour, which left all present there in splits. Rahul "Amritas" Jha would usher in the winds of change, by playing some english numbers in his peculiar style. He, with one of his band mates gave us some wonderful guitar accompaniment.

Our colleagues like Ashutosh "Sonu Nigaam" Shukla, Shirish Sir, Farooq "Dancer" Hashmi, Anubhav "Dancing Flautist" Mujumdar, Bhageshri "Bacchi" Gulvady, Akshaya "All Rounder" Subramanian, Nishu "Chabeeli Alka" Dikshit, Mukesh "Mentor" Jadhav, Mitesh "Salsa Champ" Dalvi...our senior folks at Abhivyakti like Ravi Sir, Amit and Girish, were present there whenever possible and contributed in their own unique ways. Some of the Mehfil regulars like Pai Sir, Kumarpal, Nikunj and Nishtha were always a pleasure to jam with. Wow,already a long list, and so many others whom i dont know by name who should be thanked for being there and making those days really worthwhile!!:)

Enough of talks and thanks. Here are a few pics of the journey so far;

Nishant and Rahul

The first Mehfil

(L-R)Aniket, Sunder, Nishu, Mitesh Sharma, Sachin, Rohit 

Rohit, Rinky and others

Our champs, once more...:)
I had recorded a few of our performances. The qualiity is fine, though the final product is raw. But that is where all the appeal lies. When many creative minds come together on a lovely evening, what follows is something, i will leave for you to decide. I am sure the recordings will help you get an answer...:)

First up is a rendition of Sajni (Jal) by all of us. Jus listen to all that's going on in the background. Pure unadulterated joy!!

Now comes  Dil Haare (Jal again). This one rocks big time...:)

Missing the mayhem and madness and pure fun of our beloved Mehfil. Waiting for the good times to be back. I am sure they will be soon...:)

Arigatou Gozaimasu. Sayonara. 


Raghavan Venugopal said...

Loved buddy :)

Samurai Says..... said...

Thanks a lot Raghavan sir:)

Anonymous said...

"Dil Haare" sounded better than the original!
"Sajni" could perhaps have been better!
Anyways, Good Job!

Samurai Says..... said...

I agree...:) And thanks for your time..