Friday, August 26, 2011

I was a pianist in my last incarnation

The sight of a piano always used to send me to raptures. Black and white keys making such dulcet sounds, and when in the hands of a maestro then Gosh!, what a melody to hear.

I was born for music - this thing is pretty clear to me. Be it the "ta.. ta ..ta ta... ta ta.. ta.." i used to do on the notes of "Saare jahaan se accha" which used to come on Doordarshan, or my legendary name as a singer (its my blog, lemme be a lil more liberal...:P), its music that has defined me from a real long time. My mum used to say that i behaved as a symphony conductor when i used to sing the "ta ta"...obviously emulating the conductor on the screen, but i am sure that it did indicate i should pursue music.

In ancient India, there used to be a samskaara, after the baby was 1 year old. Books, a weapon, grains and something else were kept in front of it. As is very true that the element of the Divine is still very visible in babes (the amazing smile that they give which makes one feel that the Lord Almighty Himself smiled at him!!), the custom was that whatever object the baby touched, it indicated the future profession or rather the aptitude the baby would have in the future. Although we never had such a samskaaric babyhood (i pierced my ears when i was 22, i wish atleast the karna bheda had been done when i was a baby..), this piece of "conductor" story of mine definitely confirms my inclinations.

Anyways, the topic is about Pianos. The inspiration behind this blogpost has got something to do with my sinusitis. I was trying to search for posts on Blood and Snot, when i came across this blog by a 40 year old divorcee. There, she had a post on "Passions", her passion being piano. Its here that i came across something called "Ragtime" music, pioneered by one Scott Joplin, in the early 20th century.

There was a youtube link to the piece "Wallstreet Rag" by Joshua Rifkin...a Joplin Composition...and listening to it sent me in a strange world. I like the sound of Rag...donno why it seems so familiar. It sounds like old America, but i am sure i was an Indian in my previous incarnation.

On suggestion from a roomie, with whom i shared this piece of info, i came across another brilliant piece (Joplin's best known work, i guess) named "The Entertainer". Any music person can instantly say that the song is used in all Funny Videos shows, where you see people tumbling and monkey's dancing.

On a contemplative note, the sound of this piece does go well with such things...:)

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