Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey Bhagwaan! Kya kya dikhaaya tune mujhe...:)

Such a weird time me having rite now. Sinusitis making living difficult. Blood and snot being ejected out of my nostrils. ECS Dept. organisers requesting me to sing songs for their event less than 24 hours before the show. Goodness gracious...the sinus pain is killing me. And so is the boredom me is having at office.

You shall see some irregularities in the grammar me uses. It doesnt suit the former editor of one college magazine edition. But remember, that till now, you had no pain understanding what i said. So let it be...:)

I visited orkut and realised how beautiful those days were. Simple kiddy days. The thrill at someone posting a comment on a picture. Someones testimonial arriving. Being happy on seeing some unknown girl in your visitors list. Thinking of adding someone to your crush list, but backing off thinking...if she has added me too, then how shall i handle the outcome? Thrills and pleasures of a cowardly, innocent and far less connected life. Orkut was always a one hour thing for me at the most...although i had got hooked on to yahoo in late 2008. Even that wasnt a big part of life. TV was always worth watching...and now the opposite is true about it.

FB is definitely a pain in the ass...too much of data...too much of goodness about it and an equal amount of badness...Goodness!! we have become so fast! We just open the fridge door titled Facebook, look inside and close it. What do we really want. Adding friends is easier. Contacts with the opposite gender in real life is easier. We all earn, we spend...we can do what we want to...get as many GFs, screw anyone you want. But we definitely wont for we are morally upright...(let me say so...thats my morality...:))

Dont know what we want...we arent able to set things in place...the rooms always a mess, the cabinet overflows...the cockroaches screw and grow by millions...and we have Operation Cockroach almost every week, which makes silly boys like me go down with Sinusitis, after inhaling the fumes. The hotel food is no longer tasty...the cheeks are no longer red. A genuine, body shaking laugh is a rarity...and a relief when it descends on you. Superb relief for people who have stopped using their bodies, and who use more brains and fingers to do work.

The shop guys have no chuttas...we all do dealings with cards...such a fast fucking life we have...Gosh!!

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happy prince said...

Missing those old days where we used spent half of the day in orkut... Thanks for remindin me of Orkut ;)