Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The design of modern life

Modern human life is based on the building of a bright future. People work hard to earn money which they can 'enjoy' in parties, vacations etc. Humans buy huge separate homes so that they can enjoy privacy with their spouse or their small nuclear families.

Human life is also based on the premise of an unpredicatable future. Crores of money are earned by insurance companies because people think their immediate families will be inconvenienced if they happen to fall a victim to the whims of the Grim Reaper. People want to be buy homes in places where there are hospitals so that in case of emergencies, help should be nearby.

Reconciling the two divergent basis of the lives of present day humans, we can conclude one thing - we are far more affluent today and wanting to be reliant on our selves so that we can shape our day to day lives and take care of ourselves and our small worlds.

Yet we see that the pursuit of self reliance has made us the most loneliest we have been in entire human history. The concept of joint familes is almost extinct today, and the concept of helpful neighbours is going out of vogue soon. Man is at the mercy of the money hungry establishments and as long as he has a source of income, all seems well. All hell breaks loose in the old age, and with inflation and devaluation of all the hard earned cash stashed in the banks as a security.

And the entire machinery is made up of similar human entities leading similar lives, being a cause of each others miseries and feeling alone at the same time! Kya design hai jee. Ekdum badhiya...:)

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