Thursday, May 21, 2015

Leaving IT - Digging EPF Info

I left Infosys last month. Having completed 5 years, the final settlement will be a good amount, and now with my foray into a field which will not give me income for some time in the future, every penny counts. More so as it is rightfully earned.

While leaving i had done my calculations - leave encashment, gratuity, PF etc, the sources of this corpus. Today i received a message from my bank about a deposit calling it the final settlement, which did not really add up to my expectation. So i started my late effort to view what all had gone in the PF account on its official portal (i already know the amount from my infy portal, but that is no longer accessible)

Thankfully, a mail came later, that the amount excludes PF and other items, and that was a breather. But i went ahead to complete this long overdue exercise. The actual reason why it wasnt done earlier is that a UAN had not been alloted to my PF account till last month. Now i had it and hence it was possible. ( I will assume you are aware of PF jargon.)

The salary slip mentions the PF account number and UAN number. I went on the EPF site with this information.

The first step is to activate the UAN

After entering the UAN and the mobile number, the real challenge started. The member ID/PF Account number has to be arrived at by giving a combination of state and office, and this is tricky.
In my salary slip, the account number was like KN/XXXX/XXXX. Knowing that Infy HQ is in Bangalore, the usual guess was Karnataka (State) and Bangalore (Office). This gave BG and BNG. After adding the other digits from the PF Ac num, i was not really making any progress.

At this point, this site came to my help - the EPFO Search Directory

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So the combination was Karnataka (State) and Bommasandra (Office). 

Was able to complete the UAN registration with this data. Hope it helps.

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