Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Psychedelics - A view

The west has experimented a lot with psychedelics. And given rise to non-confirmist individuals who have grown powerful. India always knew about psychedelics, but it was not necessary for all, as the education and way of life were different - thought processes and priorities were more natural.

Today psychedelics will be employed by escapists, and people who want to explore the inner world, however the number of the latter is always less. The utility as i see today for Indians to explore this stuff lies in the answer to this simple question.

Why do path breaking innovations never happen here in India? - Break this into another question

What is innovation? And what does it involve?

Innovation involves creation. Creation implies something new. Something new cannot be created from knowledge as knowledge is something which is known and hence old. Hence inspiration - the creative flash in the mind, is the progenitor. Things are first conceived in the mind then in the physical plane - we all know this.

Inspiration involves a part of the Whole, acted upon by a super computer which can never be created by human beings - the complete human brain. And let me tell you, there is only one Consciousness throughout Creation, and we are all connected there. Our brains are just caches.

Now how do you transform a population which has been enslaved by dogma and even by foreign powers for hundreds of years - and still enslaved by their definition of life and success, into an innovative one? By wiping off the conditioning, so that the slate of mind becomes as clean as that of a new born child.

The mind has to stop believing that the given way is the only way, so that other ways are thrown open. I do not mean the other ways come from nowhere; they are always there but our limited awareness always keeps them out of our grasp.

Remember the iceberg theory of human consciousness? The conscious mind is the one which deals with what is known, and hence it has can offer us a limited view. The unconscious part deals with reality, and with the dimension we call the "unknown". Now the phenomenon is called the "unknown" because it is unknown to the conscious mind and we always operate in that field.

With psychedelics, we can choose to channel the right chemicals through the brains to break the patterns acquired by conditioning of all sorts, so that we are able to think freely; bring the conscious more in connection with the unconscious.

However i believe that psychedelics should be instruments of change, and not things which should become a part of life. And only the natural ones. You need training wheels only for a limited time. All aspirants should have the urge to break free, and not get caught in the shackles.

The risk of imprisonment in the web of addiction exists, because we have always been imprisoned, and getting imprisoned is hence, natural to us. The current social framework will never let a man stand on his own two feet with his own mind and freedom. It offers a comfortable prison and most of us do not even bother to look up and see if there is anything beyond this. This will repeat in the arena of psychedelics and hence we need to be careful. There should be a preliminary preparation to make the mind healthy so that it doesn't make a habit out of this useful tool.

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