Friday, November 23, 2012

A note on World Betterment...

7th July 2012

No action or a resolve for the same 
Must be kindled by a feeling of hatred or helplessness. 
One should sit calmly, 
with smile on his face and faith in his heart; 
Faith in the power of God and Goodness of things; 
the Hope of seeing a better World ,
bettered in a small way by the act that he intends to perform. 
He should visualise the assistance 
the Kind Lord will provide him along the path, 
and be aware that it will come 
in unexpected forms 
and will reside
 in unexpected corners of the road to be taken. 
This positive feeling 
is the most important starting ingredient one needs 
before undertaking a beautiful journey 
to self improvement and World betterment.

I just saw the promo of the movie Barfi, and was so enamoured and delighted to see something so beautiful being made in our country. We all know the present state of affairs and it boils our blood most of the times, making us make numerous resolves to take our Nation out of this muck. But we forget that till the time we take the battle axes and move to the front, we are still doing things that matter to our Nation. One mans action will always be small, but it can be made large only through motivation. And it should start from where we already are, and should not be reserved for the times and places where we shall be when we start the revolution.

For the revolution is now, and the preparation has been all through these years that you have lived.

Note: This was a daily note i had written quite long back. Barfi turned out to be a very nice movie on the technical and story front. Brilliant acting by every artiste...and I loved Illeana so much!! The director was bashed for using scenes from Charlie Chaplin classics and other movies. For me, the scenes lifted from "The Notebook" were too much to bear. But the director insists, that its his tribute to those classics. Ok fine, but i am happy that we are finally growing as a cinema loving population.

The songs in this movie are just out of the World. In today's times when Rahman is God and Vishal-Shekhar and Amit Trivedi come just close to the second spot, Pritam shows his latent talent in the soundtrack. Melodius songs, and of so many genres! I wonder no one has been able to tell which songs Pritam has lifted to compose the songs; I would prefer to know they are original. Take a bow Pritam Da...:)

Heres one song which always make me that is how a song should be...:)

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Illusionist said...

Yes, the compositions of the movie are really beautiful. They span and era of 30 years how music used to be back then in late 70s to. As a lover of music I don't care whether Pritam brought the music out of his thinking hat or someone else's personal pocket ! The music simply evokes lots of emotions. Superb work by Pritam. The movie made me emotional at few scenes and on few dialogues: One being : Barfi adhoora tha, par uska pyaar poora tha.....thodi si himmat karti to shayad jhilmil ki jagah main hoti ! It reminded me real incidents of many people around me. Really good work by the director :)