Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Short videos - New thingy

New things keep coming on my plate when the days are boring. And then life takes a turn for the good. Expressions opened up a new chapter in my life..new people, new perspectives, new passions, new insights. And a realisation that one should expect everything life throws - be it failure, disappointment or big futures enclosed in insignificant looking opportunities.

Now the thing is we have to make a video on campus courtesies, we ourselves dont follow. Sitting down with my fellows from Abhivyakti, Infy Pune, the brain works in a straight line, as usual. The thought of my creativelessness always lurks (although in ILI i had 'written' and directed 2 good short plays...hehe..lemme be proud of them...:P), i need a constant reminder that creativity is there though dormant. We should not focus on negatives.

Lemme come to the point for which i am writing this in the first place. I need an idea for the bus courtesy scenario. The issues are queue, seat reservation and loud speaker fones. How to make an interesting thing out of these is a problem. The memory searches for something insane, but only the cliche stuff drops out, for thats how i have always been trained. Though, when a number of people sit, some creativity does seep in from nowhere but in this case, i guess we were just done.

Ok, lets think now. List the scenes that come in mind

1. A guy has a bad day ride. No seat in bus due to reservation. He has an argument but to no avail. People play songs loudly, and no one complains. People are just passively listening to mp3s on their fone.

2. End of day scene, a tiring day at work, and people bugging you at the end.

3. One friend reserves seat for other. A guy not able to sit coz of this. The two friends are having a nice time. Behind them people play music loudly, disturbing these two. The standing guy gives his earphones to the ones behind and tells them its wrong. The two friends realise what they did earlier was wrong and give him the seat, as reservation is also wrong.

Good. Seems me got a nice idea now...Sugoi!

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